Soils and Aggregates

Sand, Soils, and Stones! Oh my!

No, you didn't get swept away in the last tornado to a far away land! Benjer really does have everything you need all in one central location!

*We can also supply other materials from one of our numerous suppliers!*

If you need it, we can get it!

Available Materials:

  • RC-2: The ideal recycled sub-base to ensure a solid compaction of the base (1.5-2.5 inches
  • RC-6: The ideal recycled base for concrete or asphalt (1.5 inches or less)
  • CR-6: The ideal virgin base for concrete or asphalt (1.5 inches or less)
  • RC-57: Recycled self compacting fill for drainage (3/8-1.5 inches)
  • #57s: Virgin self-compacting fill for drainage or commonly used for walkways and parking pads (3/8-1.5 inches)
  • Recycled Asphalt: Cheap alternative for driveways or parking pads (1.5 inches or less)
  • RC-Fines: Very compactable manufactured coarse sand or use for a paver base (3/8 inch or less)
  • Topsoil: Screened at 3/8 inch with organics added making it perfect for all of your lawn-care needs
  • Fill Dirt: Screened at 1.5 inches making it perfect for leveling yards to filling in holes
  • Sand: General purpose sand for anything from sandboxes to piping

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